Assyrian Chaldean wedding france

By , March 13, 2015 8:34 am

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10 Responses to “Assyrian Chaldean wedding france”

  1. AssyrienX says:

    STUPID! that´s not Assyrian, but rather kurd or somebody!!….

  2. TheNewroz says:

    j adore ce groupee ,il chante aussi dans nos mariage “kerborani”

  3. assyrian2060 says:

    this are assyrians yes from sirnak cizire silopi aramaenstar have right

  4. rojvan says:

    who cares where they are from? All I care about, is thats nice dance, I
    wish I was there, fuck the haters… Biji Kurdu Ashouri…

  5. SalsaTangoCracow says:


  6. Kurdisch WeddingTV says:

    Efrin Kurds

  7. KurdeHatay says:

    they are most probably from sirnak region because they dance kurdish

  8. Johamham says:

    we dance like them and i am from pervari….it´s true our dances are very

  9. aramaenstar says:

    YOU ARE STUPID….they are from sirnak cizre region not like u from irak or
    syria assyrian shit… be quiet

  10. GreenUpASSYRIA says:

    My family dance like that and they not from Sirnak