[Breaking news] Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt get married

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Visa problem breaks marriage

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In another shocking an unusual incident, a couple’s wedding was stopped at the eleventh hour by the Home Office Staff in Britain as they feared the bride- to-be to possess the wrong Visa.

The victims of this unfortunate incident, David Rouillon, aged 24 and Erika Britt Malone aged 28, were about to take their wedding vows at the Blackburn Register Office, in Lancashire when immigration officials rushed in and paused the ceremony. Mr. Rouillon mentioned of the rude treatment meted out to his fiancée as she was treated like a terrorist. He further said that the occasion which could have been the most memorable day of their life left them traumatized. Miss Malone was on a holiday visa and was ordered to give away her passport.

The couple had met each other eighteen months ago through an online gaming site and Rouillon had visited Erica in California to take their relation to the next level. They even got engaged and Miss Malone arrived in Blackburn to stay with her future husband’s family on a holiday visa for three months. The manner in which the lady was questioned left her traumatized. She was taken to a separate room and questioned for about 90 minutes and pressed her to remember several dates. They even asked her to surrender her passport.

David’s mother Menchu Rouillon mentioned, despite the hurdles her son and future daughter-in- law would still tie the knot sooner or later. A spokesman of the Home Office stated that they aim to build a fair immigration system and the officials have the right to question on the legitimacy of the wedding ceremony. They even said that Miss Malone had arrived in the UK without any entry clearance as a fiancée. They still have chances of getting married at a later date if the proper application is made and accepted.

Introduction: Linguistic Diversity

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Wedding video in Capri (Italy) || Marisa & Hal

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