Stolen wedding band returned through mail delivery

By , February 13, 2015 11:21 am

On Thursday, in the midst of a lunch-hour rush, Brette Ellis broke from serving customers and making coffee at Parsonage Café to open a mystic envelope. As she took out her wedding ring from the envelope, she was totally in disbelief. The family heirloom, around two-hundred years old, had been stolen from her Victoria hone around a month ago.

As tear streamed down her face, Ellis told that she just could not believe this. The regulars at the restaurant cheered: “Hip hip hooray!”

The wedding  ring was handed by mail to Times Colonist earlier on Thursday morning along with a note which said: “I believe this is the ring from the paper. Please make sure it gets back to the family. Thank you.”

Previous week, the paper revealed the desperate request by Ellis as well as her husband Aden, to have the ring back. On 6th January, this was stolen in a break-in. That afternoon, the pair was at work, but Brette’s mom, who was upstairs sewing, listened to a commotion on main floor.

Thieves hit in the front door and they stole a number of things, including a shotgun, a laptop computer, a rifle, $800 in cash and more importantly the wedding ring that had been on a bedside table.

The police came minutes after getting a call from Brette’s mom. One suspect was caught getting out of a cab at the Kings Road and Quadra Street, as well as 2 others were caught in 700 block of Queens Avenue. They were billed with entering and breaking and one with failing to abide by with a probation order.

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