Unique Wedding ideas — Black, Red and White Theme

By , April 10, 2015 2:38 pm

Uniuqe Marriage Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “Unique Wedding ideas — Black, Red and White Theme”

  1. Place Settings says:

    From tables to candles all were decorated beautifully. This Colored theme
    is looking awesome and it will make wedding more memorable.

  2. atef khayati says:


  3. WonGeun Kim says:


  4. ForCowsOnly says:

    Gorgeous! …We have a similar Wedding Theme.. 😀

  5. DJ Mikey Mike Susca says:

    thank you very nice DJ Mikey Mike

  6. Seedcovers says:

    Elegant and sophisticated

  7. sharonie11 says:

    On the social area tables, I would have had a few black ribbon streamers
    radiating out from under the square mirrors, and some red flowers on the
    mirrors to cut the black and white starkness. Otherwise, very well done.

  8. azgirl777 says:

    Not a lot of red downstairs… too much black it seemed. I do not like the
    centerpieces. I’m all for it being formal but this is a bit museum-ish. :-/

  9. Bronson Tyler says:

    Not a fan of the black feather palm trees.

  10. Beatriz R says:

    i love you channel!!

  11. refuge46 says:

    what type of fabric was used for the ceiling drapes?

  12. Towana Hernandez says:

    i really like the tables being different because you always see the round
    tables and how the wedding designs in the room come together but this was
    set perfect with the decoration..

  13. catfishblue03 says:

    I am not feeling the black scarves for a wedding- too gloomy.

  14. SmartProgramer says:

    i love it thx

  15. Tai Aldridge says:

    really stinkin pretty! awesome way to use tulle! love it